We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Cesare Pavese


The first point of business is to decide whether to engage a Funeral Director or take care of arrangements yourself.

The Funeral Director’s job is to support you and your family during this difficult time. Your Funeral Director will assist with caring for the person that has passed and make sure they are looked after until their burial or cremation, they will ensure the legal documents are filed and work with you to plan a fitting tribute to celebrate their life.


Burial or Cremation?

If you decide to bury your loved one a timeframe for the funeral service dictates what options are available for preservation and care of their body prior to burial.


Spending time in a relaxed and comfortable environment, saying goodbye, is regarded by many experts as an important part of the grieving process.


The Service

In New Zealand we typically approach funerals in one of two ways. The most common is a traditional funeral service. These are usually conducted in a chapel or at a church.

Caskets, Coffins and Urns

Coffin’s are traditionally a box that is narrow at the head and feet, and wider at the shoulder.  It is an English term and has a tendency to sound somewhat morbid.


Remembrance And Video Tributes

Techology is an amazing tool that can enable absent friends and family to join in on the celebration of a life.

Catering, Floral Tributes and Bagpipes

There are many additional items and components you can choose to make the celebration of your love-one an event to remember.



The only legal restrictions pertaining to the transportation of your loved-one is that they must be properly wrapped and shrouded, or placed in a casket.  Under New Zealand law a deceased person cannot be in ‘view of the public’.

The Coroner

If the death is unexpected, sudden or unexplained the Police will usually refer the death to the Coroner.



As with everything in life there are a number of forms and documents that need to be filled out in order to satisfy state requirements.