Caskets, Coffins and Urns

Today we are spoilt for choice.  From eco-friendly shrouds, to solid couches milled from small forests, and every option in between…

Coffins are traditionally a box that is narrow at the head and feet, and wider at the shoulder.  It is an English term and can sound a little morbid.  On the other hand ‘Casket’ is an American term and is typically a rectangular box.  In New Zealand we normally use casket as our standard terminology to refer to either a casket or a coffin.  Either option can come in a variety of materials and finishes.  A full range of what is available locally can be shown to you on request.  Should you like to have something custom built, we can arrange that as well.

If your loved-one has been cremated we will usually have their ashes available within 24 hours.  An urn can also be made of almost any material and we are very happy to assist in sourcing this for you or using a vessel supplied by yourself.

For an eco-friendly burial, shrouds and cardboard caskets are readily available and can easily be sourced from our excellent local suppliers.