In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

The Service

In New Zealand we typically approach funerals in one of two ways.  The most common is a traditional funeral service.  These are usually conducted in a chapel or at a church and most churches are very happy to hire their facilities for funerals.  If you have a particular connection with a religious organisation or denomination, we can work with them to facilitate your loved-one’s farewell; taking care of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of their funeral.  We are more than happy to liaise with the custodian of your desired facility to ensure your service runs as smoothly as possible.

Hibiscus Funeral Services can work with your local minister or provide celebrants from varying religions and ethnicities, to once again make sure that your family receives the care and support fitting your faith, ethnicity and culture.

Often a memorial service is conducted in place of a traditional funeral.  This is common where the deceased is not present, or there has been necessity for them to be cremated before a service can be conducted.

A memorial service can look very much like a traditional funeral with all the ceremony and trappings, or they can be a very intimate, casual affair.  Memorial services have a tendency to be a little simpler than a funeral and often families want them to be held in a place that has sentimental meaning for either the deceased or the living.  Memorials have been held at 3,000 feet, with the family scattering ashes from the back of a classic DC3.  They have been held at sea, in homes and at the beach, wherever you want to give your loved-one  a meaningful farewell.

With both a funeral and memorial service, it is a celebration of a life.  Striking the balance between the wishes of the dearly departed and those remaining can sometimes be tricky, but in essence both should reflect the love and honour you have for the one you are saying goodbye to.